Polish turkish relationship customs

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polish turkish relationship customs

This analysis aims to present the current Poland-Turkey relations and outline According to a popular tradition, in the nineteenth century each. The past years of Polish-Turkish relations depicted in this arti- cle stand To this day Polish traditions are being practiced there [Dopierała ]. Poles not. At the end of the 16th century, the hitherto peaceful Polish-Turkish relations However, with that very different cultural and religious tradition, there did not exist .

The idea emerged during the wars between the Porte and the Grand Duchy of Moscow over Astrakhan and Kazan in the late 60s of the 16th century. The beginning of this concept dated back to the 50s, when the Bakhchysarai throne was occupied by Devlet Giray who considered Muscovy his main enemy, and thereby he was a valuable ally for Sigismund Augustus.

polish turkish relationship customs

Although the first attempts of anti-Muscovy collaboration failed, in the matter became topical again. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was then engaged in a great conflict with Moscow and its allies, and needed support. This time, however, the royal court, not trusting the Khan, who had not granted his assistance during the — war, addressed the Sultan directly.

In Istanbul, efforts were made to gain primarily diplomatic support, although military aid from the Ottomans against Moscow would not be renounced. The Polish ruling elite assumed that Turkey siding with Poland would have to influence the position of Crimea on the anti-Muscovy alliance. The news of the Polish-Turkish alliance could make a negative impression in Europe and cause a lot of trouble for Sigismund Augustus. Therefore, efforts were made to keep the matter secret.

As Sultan Suleiman was preparing for a new war with Emperor Maximilian II, the Polish envoy was given evasive answers in this matter although other issues were well attended to. Brzeski also visited Crown Prince Selim, to whom he presented the plan of anti-Muscovy alliance.

The treaty indicates the following goals: According to the treaty, an instrument of implementation of these goals shall be regular consultations at different levels. The latter agreement is especially important, because it contains the mechanism of consultancy. According to the protocol meeting of consultation committee ought to be organized if necessary, but at least once a year. Among the tasks of the committee is evaluation of developments that took place in political, economic, consular, cultural and scientific bilateral relations and exchange of views on the ways to further enhance these relations.

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It is also stipulated that parties shall elaborate ways and means in cooperating in regional and international matters. Additionally, protocol determines that the parties can include military cooperation and matters relating to defense in the agenda of the meetings. Despite the existence of solid grounds of cooperation, both countries seem to forget about the possibility of making use of them. Unique historical experiences of the two countries can be taken as an inspiration for a process of reforms in the North African countries.

Turkey is posed as a model for Arab countries thanks to its status a Muslim country that can be secular and democratic as well. Poland has an experience in the transformation from an authoritarian regime to a democratic system. But, in contradiction to Turkey, Poland has been never present in the North Africa.

Hence, even the visit of legendary Solidarity leader Lech Walesa in Tunisia was purely symbolic. The last development in the security realm was a trilateral initiative by Poland, Norway and Turkey to set up a radar early warning network. The initiative aims at facilitating information exchange between NATO and Russia on air-borne threats to their respective territories.

polish turkish relationship customs

It was the crucial step on the way of enhancing economic relations between the two countries. For the last years trade exchange between the two countries has been steadily increasing.

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For instance, in trade volume was at the level of ,6 million dollars, in it surpassed 2 billion dollars and in reached its highest level of 4,6 billion dollars. The Polish capital of these firms is approximately 19,5 million dollars.

InTurkish foreign direct investments in Poland reached 10 million dollars. Turkish businessmen are increasingly investing in Poland due to its strong economic performance. There are 22 companies with Turkish capital registered in Poland.

Poland-Turkey Relations: Friendship at a Distance

The operations are mainly in textiles, followed by foodstuffs, electronics, electrical appliances, tourism, construction, and automotive. What is worth to be highlighted, Turkey participates in one of the most prestigious project in Poland.

The Turkish-Polish-Italian syndicate is building the second line of subway in Warsaw. They declared eagerness to reach the target of 6 billion dollars in trade volume in Furthermore, both countries expressed their willingness to enhance cooperation in energy sector.

polish turkish relationship customs

Poland is especially interested in Nabucco project, which is perceived as a chance to diversify its energy supplies. The other prospect of cooperation is nuclear energy, as the two countries are planning to build nuclear power plants. Sobkow, the EU ought to open its door for Turkey.

Otherwise somebody else will do this. On the one hand, Turkey has been enforcing a ban on import of cattle and beef and imposed many also bureaucratic requirements for agricultural and food products. On the other hand, Turkish exporters also face barriers in trade with Poland and other EU countries, like non-recognition of certification, duplicative testing, multiple inspections, technical regulations and standards.

There is also a recurrent visa problem for Turkish businessmen and lorry drivers, which restricts their movement.

Relations between Turkey and Poland / Rep. of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Cultural Relations Despite the declared friendship there is still a big unfamiliarity of each other between Poland and Turkey. That is why cultural relations are especially important, since they enable countries to better know and understand the other country and its people. At the grounds of Poland-Turkey cultural relations lies the agreement on cooperation in the fields of Science, Education and Culture signed in The two sides adopted an objective of further development of cultural relations through help in organizing visits of artist, widening access to cultural places, conducting scholarship programs, supporting contacts between schools, advancement of translations of Polish and Turkish literature, carrying out inventory of Polish historic monuments and antiquities in Turkey and the Turkish ones in Poland.

polish turkish relationship customs

There are some recent developments in this field.