What is the relationship between tegan and sara

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what is the relationship between tegan and sara

Tegan and Sara Quin used to run on fear. Now the pop duo . It really jeopardized the band and my relationship with Tegan. There was a lot of. Danielle Goldstein meets the Canadian indie twins Tegan and Sara and talks to them about karate, Kraftwerk and more. A beginner fan's guide to identifying which twin is which in the canadian indie pop duo Tegan and Sara!.

Both are openly gay [30] [31] and live and travel between Vancouver and Los Angeles. They are both advocates for LGBT equality as well as music education, literacy, and cancer research. Both were photographed holding a sign that read "The rights of the minority should never be subject to the whim of the majority.

They spoke out on behalf of Against Me! The "Animals" T-shirt features Tegan and Sara, a turtle, fox, koala, penguin, and a dragonfly all labeled with their Latin names. The text at the bottom reads "Gay behaviour is found in over species. Covers and a portion of ticket prices from The Con's tenth anniversary tour went to the Tegan and Sara Foundation. At the end of The Con 10th anniversary tour in they stated they plan to take two years off from touring to focus on The Tegan and Sara Foundation and to make a new record.

The Canadian wonder twins of pop are looking back over their career as this year marks the 10th anniversary of The Con find tickets to the tour herean album that kind of sits at the fulcrum between the early career of Tegan and Sara and the beginning of their new one.

Tegan and Sara consciously changed up their sound in a way that both required and encouraged the critical reappraisal of pop music. We chatted with Sara about how they got there—but first we talked about caffeine. In our family, drinking Coca-Cola was like drinking water. It was not uncommon to run into someone from the family at the refrigerator in the middle of the night drinking directly from a two-litre Coke bottle. Please, can you find something else to drink? Just coffee and alcohol.

Most people are upset by the amount of caffeine I ingest. Then, when I started drinking coffee, it was like my whole body changed or something. I started getting up super-early, I wanted to go to bed early and then I became more of an active worker during the day. I like to work on music and write songs during daylight hours so I totally ride the caffeine wave in the morning now.

At the time, it felt like I was making an adjustment for the better. I know some people really hate astrological stuff. I find it all a bit ridiculous, but, unfortunately, as a Virgo, I do feel like what is said about Virgos is really true: When I did drugs, I did drugs.

When I drank, I drank. I was never really all over the place. So when I wrote "Wake Up Exhausted", I was writing from the position of all those people in a sense, and making fun of me, like telling me to stop thinking about them, because I went through a very nostalgic period where I couldn't stop thinking about high school and old stuff, and so I sort of was picking on myself, and sort of saying get me off your mind; making fun of myself like, stop thinking about it, stop obsessing over things that were long past, and that I lost it and that was my fault and my problem.

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When we were doing interviews for our bio, I described hearing that song for the first time to be like Sara was standing on my chest. I just felt really sad, and that was having heard all the other songs in order leading up to that one. I know that when Sara was writing these songs it was during the end of her relationship and it was someone she'd been friends with for almost ten years and been with for four years.

It was just the psyche of it, when you've known someone for half your life, literally, and then have to leave them, and not necessarily because you want to but just because it's the right thing to do, and it's just not healthy and you're not good anymore, there's no growth and you have to have growth.

And when I hear that song, the idea of that all happening just makes me sick to my stomach a little bit.

Tegan and Sara

But it's in an enjoyable way. So you do not watch America's Next Top Model? No, but I did watch it once and Tyra Banks said the most amazing thing that became, like, my mantra, and my roommate had a t-shirt made for me.

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What did she say? Well, Tyra was like, "Your pictures do not look good.

Tegan and Sara—How to Tell the Twins Apart!

Like, it looks awful, I mean, you're cringing in them," and the girl was like, "I got food poisoning the night before and I was up just getting sick all night and I was in so much pain and I got to the shoot and I was dehydrated and tired and I went to the hospital right afterwards," and Tyra was like--It was like a close up on her face all the sudden and she was all like, "You know, I had"--I can't remember what it was, some sort of disorder, some sort of thing--"and I was in incredible pain and I was cramping and blah blah blah blah blah"--you know, she's doing this whole thing and listing all the characteristics, all the symptoms of her disease, and she goes, "But you just model through it.

You just model through it!

what is the relationship between tegan and sara

Oh my god, and at work it was so crazy and I was just like--Oh my god, oh my god, and them--have you heard them? Do you want more drinks? Why are all these people singing around us? It's so annoying, I can't hear anything you're saying.

what is the relationship between tegan and sara

When Sara's singing about laying in bed with a pile of books between her and her girlfriend, that hurts. Whereas I'm like, 'Screw you. I think that balance in our songwriting is what distinguishes us. We talk about unicorns a lot because I found out while we were recording the record that I did not understand that unicorns never existed, I just thought they were extinct. And then everybody laughs because everyone's first thought when they think of a unicorn is the idea that it's a mythical creature but I didn't ever think that way.

what is the relationship between tegan and sara

I was just like, it's a white horse with a horn Why would I want to have sex with someone that looks like Tegan and Augusten Bookstore Appearance. We love each other.

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She can basically do anything. Anything except for like, stabbing me. Quotes[ edit ] I like that Tegan is able to write a song and have closure with it once her ideas are on tape. I really obsess over details and find myself unable to detach from songs for weeks!

It's what slows my creative process down. We take it so seriously when people don't like us or when they say they can't relate to us.

I'm like, "How can you not relate to us? We're like hearts on a sleeve. How can you not relate to the human condition, you fucking asshole?