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Victor Frankenstein is a American science fantasy horror film based on contemporary adaptations of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein. It is directed. MeetYourMakers (MYM or mYm) is an esports organization based in Germany - Now based in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Meet Your makers, in /, pioneered Esports by attracting the first venture capital company to. Meet Your Makers, often abbreviated to MYM, is a professional gaming organisation based in Germany. Its StarCraft II division has disbanded in April

The die plate was used to cut threads on small screws. It had a number of threaded die holes of different sizes for making different threads.

meet your maker wikipedia encyclopedia

A piece of wire was inserted in a hole and turned to cut a thread on the end. Then a head would be formed on the other end of the wire to make a screw. Hardened steel files were used to shape the metal before it was used to make and fit wheels or plates.

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There were many variations of files. Made of brass or steel, rivet extracting pliers were used to remove rivets from assorted clock parts. The blade of the saw was released by undoing the thumbscrew adjacent to the handle.

To start an interior cut, a hole was drilled and the blade was inserted and reattached to the saw. This device was popular among clockmakers to repair the ends of clock hands.

An iron vertical plunger was used with an array of stakes for placing rollers and balanced wheels on staffs.


The "turns" was a small bow-operated lathe used for furbishing parts and for working gear blanks to size. During use, the device was clamped in a vise and the worker held a cutting or polishing tool on a tee-shaped tool rest with one hand, and shifted the bow back and forth to spin the part.

Cross Peen Riveting Hammer: The flat end of the tool was for general use, whereas the radiused peen end was used for flattening rivet heads. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

meet your maker wikipedia encyclopedia

Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. Knudsen was the son of the former president of GM, William Knudsen, who was called away from his post to head the war mobilization production effort at the request of President Roosevelt. DeLorean and Knudsen quickly became close friends, and DeLorean eventually cited Knudsen as a major influence and mentor.

meet your maker wikipedia encyclopedia

DeLorean's years of engineering at Pontiac were highly successful, producing dozens of patented innovations for the company, and in he was promoted to the position of division chief engineer. It evolved because of the internal GM ban on racing January that ended the methodology which Pontiac had used to propel itself into the 3 sales slot.

Pontiac was forced to take its efforts off the track and put it on the street to maintain its 3 position. The result was the GTO. This marked the beginning of Pontiac's renaissance as GM's performance division instead of its previous position as a slightly bigger Chevrolet with no clear brand identity. From its launch insales of the car and its popularity continued to grow dramatically in the following years.

meet your maker wikipedia encyclopedia

Adapting to the frustrations that he perceived in the executive offices was, however, a difficult transition for him. DeLorean believed there was an undue amount of infighting at GM between divisional heads, and several of Pontiac's advertising campaign themes met with internal resistance, such as the "Tiger" campaign used to promote the GTO and other Pontiac models in and One of the biggest disappointments for Pontiac was the GM's fourteenth floor's Ed Cole 's decision to ban multiple carburetion.

Multiple carburetion had been with Pontiac since starting with 2X4 bbls. There are scores with him in this conflict that go way back to Bunkie Knudsen.

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The most memorable was that the GTO was supposed to be equipped with disc brakes, which were even tooled for free by Kelsey Hayes. Radial tires were supposed to be offered, but were killed by Cole, as well.

DeLorean's version was rejected because of GM's concern that his design would take away sales from the Corvettetheir flagship performance vehicle, so instead they forced him to work with the existing Camaro design. He could only make changes to the front and rear of the car and even had to use the same fenders. Suspension was a whole different story, as the Firebird has different front and rear suspensions than the Camaro. The vehicle, the Pontiac Firebirdintroduced for the model year, became even more popular throughout the s.

Sales were sagging by this time however, but the model would have its own distinct body shell with drivetrain and chassis components from the intermediate-sized Pontiac A-body Tempest, LeMans, GTO.

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DeLorean knew Pontiac Division couldn't finance the new car alone so he went to his former boss Pete Estes and asked to share the cost of development with Pontiac, having a one-year exclusivity before Chevrolet would release the Monte Carlo. The deal was done. The Pontiac Grand Prix looked a lot like a slightly scaled down Cadillac Eldorado with its razor-sharp bodylines and a 6-foot-long 1.

Inside was a sporty and luxurious interior highlighted by a wraparound cockpit-style instrument panel, bucket seats, and center console. The new model offered a sportier, high performance, somewhat smaller, and lower-priced alternative to the other personal luxury cars then on the market such as the Ford ThunderbirdBuick RivieraLincoln Continental Mark IIIand Oldsmobile Toronado.

The Grand Prix production ended up at overunits; far higher than the 32, Grand Prix units built from the full-sized Pontiac body.

His frequent public appearances helped to solidify his image as a "rebel" corporate businessman with his trendy dress style and casual banter. This time it was to head up the prestigious Chevrolet division, General Motors' flagship marque. He had made sizable investments in the San Diego Chargers and the New York Yankees sports teams, and was becoming ever more ubiquitous in popular culture. At a time when business executives were typically conservative, low-key individuals in three-piece suits, DeLorean wore long sideburns and unbuttoned shirts.

He became friends with James T. When he was appointed, Chevrolet was having financial and organizational troubles, and GM president Ed Cole needed a first-class manager in that position to sort things out — company man or not.

The new model Camaro was due out for the model year, and it was rapidly falling behind schedule. Redesigns for the Corvette and Nova were also delayed, and unit sales had still not recovered from the past four years of turmoil, much of that because of the bad publicity surrounding the Corvair and well-publicized quality-control issues affecting other Chevy models, including defective motor mounts that led to an unprecedented recall of 6.

DeLorean responded to the production problems by delaying the release of the Camaro, and simplifying the modifications to the Corvette and Nova. He used the extra time to streamline Chevrolet's production overhead and reduce assembly costs.

ByChevrolet was experiencing record sales in excess of 3 million vehicles, and his division alone was nearly matching that of the entire Ford Motor Company. John DeLorean and the Chevrolet Vega in The Vega was assigned to Chevrolet by corporate management, specifically by GM president Ed Colejust weeks before DeLorean's arrival as Chevrolet division's general manager.

meet your maker wikipedia encyclopedia

He stated, "The first cars, from a manufacturing standpoint, were well built. Their main goal was to cut costs and more than workers were laid off, many of which were additional inspectors. This led to assembly-line vandalism, with workers intentionally slowing the line, leaving off parts and installing others improperly. Incomplete and often non-functioning cars soon filled the factory lot, which then had to be reprocessed and repaired by a team assigned to this task by DeLorean.

A one-month strike followed, and dealers didn't receive enough cars for the demand in DeLorean regrouped for the model year with Vega sales ofHowever, the idea of him assuming that position was almost intolerable to GM executives, and on April 2,he announced that he was leaving the company, telling the press, "I want to do things in the social area.

I have to do them, and unfortunately the nature of our business just didn't permit me to do as much as I wanted.

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GM was a major contributor to the group, and agreed to continue his salary while he remained president of NAB. A car should make people's eyes light up when they step into the showroom. Rebates are merely a way of convincing customers to buy bland cars they're not interested in. The car's body distinctively used stainless steel and featured gull-wing doors.